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Bosh Does Not Want to Retire

[Jul 25 2016 GMT]

It is chearly that the Heat and Chris Bosh have a divergence on the problem whether Bosh should continue to play or not. Chris Bosh's team even believes that the Heat is trying to force Bosh to retire in order to ensure a flexible cap space.

Currently, the Heat can guarantee nothing about Bosh's going on playing. The key to the problem lies in whether Bosh continues using blood thinners for treatment.If Bosh this summer, stops using medication, then  he will have no reason to continue to be sidelined next season. Last season, no matter how Bosh hoped to help the team, Heat president Pat Riley said before the end of the season, he would not let Bosh comeback.

This led some people to begin to doubt Miami's motives. They wonder whether the team is in an attempt to clean up the team's salary cap space so they can make different gains in next summer. Who do they want to get? By the way, is the best place for yopu to get NBA 2K MT.