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Blazers and Timberwolves cancel

[Mar 07 2017 GMT]

NBA regular season continues. Today is Monday, the United States time, the League arranged 12 games, the league's 30 teams will have the task of the game in the body of the 24. However, originally scheduled for Beijing time at 9 this morning, the Blazers away challenge Timberwolves before the game announced the cancellation. The reason is that the main site of the Timberwolves has been wet with water, does not meet the conditions of the game.

The surface of floor Minnesota home court began more than an hour before the water has been in the game, although the venue staff have been working to mop the floor, let the game be normal. However, the Blazers finally refused to warm up on the grounds that the site conditions do not meet the requirements of Buy NBA 2K17 MT the game.

The final before the start of the game, alliance official also announced the cancellation of the game's decision, the specific date will arrange pending replay. At present, the Minnesota Trail Blazers have been waiting at the airport for the team to fly to the next leg of the race. While the Timberwolves players have left the arena.