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Black eight hero and warrior training this summer

[Jul 11 2016 GMT]

Former NBA player Jackson Stephen intends to Buy NBA 2k16 MT return to the league, he will be training with his old club Jinzhou warriors this summer. In 2003 Jackson Antonio Suisheng Spurs win, the warriors coach Steve Cole is his teammates.

Today, "Captain Jack" updated his instagram social home, he released a picture of himself wearing warriors Jersey No.1 old photos, and wrote: "yes, a fresh start."

Then Rachel in their twitter Shanghai real this message: 'I'm Stephen Jackson was pleased. He just told me he will participate in the nine months of this year, the Warriors team training camp, and seek a comeback opportunities. " 38 year old Jackson retired last year, and then he joined the Rachel presided over the "Jump The" program.

"Jackson Stephen has been a good working partner on the show, and we all support him." Rachel wrote on twitter.

Jackson in 1997, the forty-third round of the Feinikesi solar team was selected, but the sun did not give him a guarantee contract. Jackson had to stray from Australia, Venezuela, Dominica and other national league. Until 2000, the New Jersey nets and he signed a one-year contract, Jackson will have a chance to return to NBA.

2002-03 season, Jackson through the efforts of Cheap NBA 2k16 MT the Spurs gradually become the starting point guard, the playoffs midfielder averaged 12.8 points and 4.1 rebounds and 2.7 assists, helping the team to win the championship.