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Bjoern Werner Finally Found a New Job

[May 13 2016 GMT]

Having spent two months looking for work, Bjoern Werner finally found a new owner. Jacksonville Jaguars announced they signed the impact of the ball hand. The one-year contract.

Jaguars is generous in enhancing the defense this offseason. They have already signed a series of defensive players. After a disappointing 2015 season, Werner was fired by Indianapolis Colts. In the 2015 season he lost his starting place and did not get a sack. In the 2014 season, he played the best performance during his career, made 50 tackles and 4 sacks.

In Jaguar, Werner has to adapt their 4-3 defensive system, and compete substitutive position of Dante Fowle who missed the entire starting defensive due to injury last season.

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