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Big devil NBA journey full of expectations

[Jun 25 2016 GMT]

2016NBA draft will Buy NBA 2k16 MT Chinese men's basketball star Zhou Qi into the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming away SkyCity after, will usher in a new Chinese players.

From 7:00 in the video or a network TV waiting in front of Chinese fans, he had a roller coaster ride as the morning. In mid-May, in the United States Zhou Qi who has received a separate trial Celtics, Grizzlies, the Clippers and the sun and other teams, and by the praise, with these teams in control of at least a first-round pick right, so he was optimistic will be selected in the first round in which a team.

However, after the first round 30 pick their own home, Zhou Qi name still does not appear. Over time, more and more disappointed fans online message until after waiting for four hours, the 43rd pick in the second round, the vice president of the NBA Tatum finally read out the name of Zhou Qi. This is not an ideal pick, but because of the Houston Rockets, everything becomes a way out.

From 2002 Yao Ming in NBA history as the first "foreign champion" status into the Houston Rockets became the Chinese fans of the home team in the NBA. In the next nine years, the Chinese fans and Yao Ming together experienced joys and sorrows and passions outside the arenas of the Rockets, the team this side of the ocean occupies a pivotal position in the Chinese fans emotions.

Today, five years in Houston, Yao Ming left the occasion, been called "the next Yao Ming," Yao Ming Zhou Qi will embark on the original footprint, this looks like a Fate invisible, but also as Yao Ming said, is a Chinese basketball heritage with the Rockets.

In addition to emotional factors, the advantage of NBA 2k16 MT Coins the Rockets to Zhou Qi also evident. First, this team has built a half-century history of the old team with a mature operating system and culture and experience of international players.