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Big Controversy on Player Ratings in Madden 18

[Sep 29 2017 GMT]

Up to now, the EA Sports has already released the MUT ratings list, but the Madden 18 ratings are still unknown to the audience. Now, everyone has a lot of curiosity about the final result, and some funny episodes appear.
There is a controversy between the official and the audience. Mitchell Trubisky enjoys more high popularity than John Ross, Christian McCaffrey and Jamal Adams among the crowd, he was rated by Bears fans from Chicago with 83, there are only a few players who scored this high rating in the game, but, Mitchell Trubisky has done this almost impossible task. Although his real rating confirmed by the official which is lower than 83, he deserves more from the audience's perspective.  

Like Mitchell Trubisky, Myles Garrett is also controversial player. He is definite a legend who is excelling at almost everything in the game; he has created his own unique playing skills which are unknown to many another players, those various skill are also unable to be learned because one can’t trace Myles Garrett’s route. 87 ratings for him isn’t reasonable at all. Besides, he is the only strongest player in the team because Garrett has taken all another players away.

A big surprise to all is that Reuben Foster has increased his ratings by the steepest rate. Although he lagged behind 49 player because of mistakes made at off field, which made him suffered a big loss, he still progressed a lot and achieved good results. He had expected to be among the 15 picks if there was no such issue at the off field. Foster, who thought his official ratings is unfair to him, 84 or 85 may be the best ratings to him. He shows his complains to the crowd straightforward. Some people disagree with him and think he just deserves what the official gives; some think it’s true that he suffered wrong.    

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