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Beyond the Scoring Criteria in NBA 2K

[May 25 2017 GMT]

NBA 2K game has a score standard called beyond the full score. Let' s take Curry as an example to look at this scoring standard.

In the offensive ability, Currry is strong.In the dunk, rebounding, body, defense above, he must be short board, in such a score accumulated above, Curry is not able to get 94 points, because the defense short board too pull.So the third ability of Curry, dribbling ability, shot speed, assists, steal the ability of these, are beyond the full score.

Of course, here the " full score " is not refers to 99, but " these items accumulated to a certain score, the offensive end can get 99 points "  inside the  " a certain score.  " More information is on where you can Buy NBA 2K18 MT.