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Best value of Premier Club

[Nov 29 2016 GMT]

This year, the Premier League club offers a heartfelt discount for members. 12 months is the best value, but also consider the three months and six months of the product, if you are not ready. Upgrade to a higher package as long as your top club membership continues.

Please note: grandfather rate is not considered in the calculation of the Premier League club members. If you want to, you can also buy extra benefits for Runescape Gold the super club if you are willing to. Any existing rate subscription will resume once your Premier League club member is over.

Aura of desert Temple

Desert Temple of the halo, give you a choice of the convenience of the fans, when you need them. It works a bit differently, an ordinary halo, but we think you'll find it easy and flexible.

Your Premier League club's members receive a 250 fee per day. It can store up to 500.

You can spend the cost of your choice:

Intensity: + 1 hours for the 20% maximum life value, the maximum increase of 1000 of the LP. 50 cost.

Ward icthlarin: 2 symbols of the influence of life, can be used within an hour. 125 cost.

Wisdom XP 10% scabaras:+ gain for 1 hours. 200 charge.

Bounty crondis: increase your position to obtain the upper limit of 100% sacred. 150 cost.

Happy apmeken: players - and near all - the 10% pulse of the core role of the gain, lasting for 10 minutes. Refresh time. 100 cost.

Please note that:

Hardcore Ironman apmeken from the iron man account cannot effect and benefit of scarbaras.

In addition, the hardcore Ironman to Buy RS 3 Gold benefit from the icthlarin effect in the account.