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Best Formation Helps Score Many Goals in FIFA 18

[Nov 02 2017 GMT]

If you have not score many goals in FIFA 18, please check our FIFA 18 guide centre. This is a very useful skill.

The scoring goals of FIFA 18 are almost the most important aspect of the game. You can maintain the closest defense in the world, but you won't win unless you actually score. In this FIFA 18 guide, we will detail how to achieve many of FIFA goals by selecting the best offensive formation. According to our FIFA 18 scoring guide, you will score goals a lot.

The basic idea here is to use a 4-3-3 attack form. Select this option, and then follow our tips to learn how to best set your team in FIFA 18.

Assemble a team of fast players. Speed can make up for defects elsewhere and will create many opportunities for you. Put your best person in the middle of the top three, because it will be your main goal scorer.

The top three sides must be quick, with excellent passing skills and strong skills.
Place a super attack CAM at the center of the three. Most attacks will go through this player, so this is critical. The player will also enter many goals.

In a broader (but still central) midfield position, you want good people and decent defense. You can use CDM or CM with the correct attributes. The two will be necessary to break up opposition attacks and counter attacks.

When your midfield is fairly central, it's important to let left-back and right-back get up and help attack. Speed and passing are crucial here, as the two players will often go deep into the opposition.

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