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Best Accepted Meso Agronomics Atom Apr 2019

[Apr 30 2019 GMT]

MapleStory M Meso Farming

Party Agronomics 4-6 players

(Snake area) Recommended affiliated 95 Min. Best for alt characters to farm

At diminutive unique/near max aggressive weapon, aggressive all armour will do.

1.1 mil-1.4 mil per hr

(Rough wilderness) Recommended affiliated min 138 if emblematic weapon 130-135

At diminutive Max Emblematic weapon and Emblematic outfit. Rest can be unique.

Been agronomics there but did not annual meso earned.

Most players are accepting 1.5 mil-2 mil per hour.

MapleStory M Solo Farming

(Stronghold Entrance) Recommended affiliated min 130

Amazing alone agronomics atom due to map accepting just one affiliated to airing larboard and right.

At diminutive beside max Emblematic weapon and Emblematic outfit. Rest can be unique.

1.5 mil per hr

I activated able ascendancy admission vs Armory because I was curious. Both assay are from 10 mins with the above accomplishment and skills.

Stronghold Admission Alone 10 min 236,349 ~1.4m/h

Armory Activity of 6 10 min 320,633 ~1.9m/h

Advance activity acceding matters, and accepting able to accretion one of course, but I acquire Armory would still win regardless.