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Benatia Has No Contact with Juventus

[Apr 29 2016 GMT]

Although the rumours are spreaded that Juventus is interested in the introduction of Munich Bayern defender Benatia. But the player's agent stresses that there is no contact with Bayern.

Dortmund today announces that defender Hummels presents his departure application, demanding a transfer to Bayern Munich, which means Beinadiya in the Bavarian club will be extra player. Recently, the old woman intends to sign Beinadiya for a season by loaning, with 23 million poumds buyout clause, but Benatia's agent says that the two sides does not contact.

After this season, it is necessary for Bayern and Benatia to have a deep talk. In the end, if you need cheaper and faster, safer FIFA 16 Coins, is your best choice.