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Become a skillful defender with nflcoins tips

[Oct 26 2017 GMT]

You don't always break the line on pass play. Normally, QB will let the ball fall off. On the ball in the air, press O (B) to automatically change to the defender through the pass target area.

If you try to grab or open the ball, press the button until you are in position. If you screw up, that can lead to a big offense. If you don't think you're going to have the ability to choose a pass, you might as well get it. Press the box (X) to lower the ball.

If there's a lot of speed in the pass, you have time to put it in front and it's a good move. Find where the ball falls and then press triangle (Y) to choose. If the receiver is captured in an open field, we suggest using the hit button to close it. You can also try and force a fall by spinning off the ball during a pulley. Try R1 (RB) and you'll often end up running from trial.

If you notice your guard is beaten on the route, remember, you can always help defend. You may not be able to break the pass by riding a bike to a different guard, but other defenders may have a better Angle on the ball carrier after initial coverage has been blown away.

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