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Barnes High Salary Influenced His Returning

[Jun 28 2016 GMT]

Warriors small forward Harrison Barnes expressed his hope of returning to the Warriors the next season. But Barnes' salary could reach more than $ 20 million next season, which may become the biggest obstacle for his return to the Warriors.

Although having a poor performance in the playoffs this year, especially in the finals, Barnes is still an important part of Warriors lineup. If the Warriors want to stage a comeback, they need Barnes to recover his defense and attack status.

A number of teams are interested in Barnes this summer, including the Lakers, Celtics, Mavericks, Sun and so on. They can provide an annual salary of 20-30 million dollars. Warriors have the right to match any contract, but up to $ 20 million annual salary will make Barnes the highest-paid in the team, and will lock the team's operating space.

At the same time, the Warriors is also fighting for KD. Compared to Durant's data and $ 30 million annual salary, Barnes's asking price is still somewhat high, the key factor influencing his returning. And for your returning to NBA 2K, provides you enough NBA 2K MT.