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Barcelona do not care about Champions League draw

[Mar 17 2017 GMT]


Champions League 1/4 final draw will be held at 19 tonight. What are the wishes of Barcelona players before the draw? Secret: Barcelona do not particularly want to draw opponents, but also want to Fifa Coins play Madrid derby!

In terms of their opponents, Barcelona did not have much tendency. Leicester is regarded as the weakest team in the quarter finals, Monaco and Dortmund are not too many champions league experience. However, Barcelona do not want to draw these opponents, the red and blue Legion do not care who is the opponent. As Peake said, Barcelona are not afraid of any opponent, and no team is willing to draw barcelona.

Barcelona players really want to be Real Madrid Atletico was pulled together. In recent years, Real Madrid in the Champions league. This time, Barcelona want Real Madrid not to be blessed. Barcelona don't hope ahead of pumping in Madrid hutch, and hope to advance against Madrid duo.

Barcelona players believe that Madrid duo confrontation in the Champions League, which will make a champion candidate to be eliminated, will also affect the two teams in the League performance. Barcelona are currently more than 2 points behind the Real Madrid, if Real Madrid is not a problem, Barcelona did not in the league's top three hopes.

Barcelona why not willing to draw in Madrid Duo? If the Real Madrid, which means that in April will be held in 4 consecutive games in the national Derby of the 3, which will be a great consumption of barcelona. And Ma Jing has always been difficult to deal with in the playoffs, Barcelona had missed the Champions League semi-finals two times were eliminated by atletico. In this season's Champions League semi-final, Barcelona, although 3 to 2 of the total score out of Ma Jing, but the game is still very difficult to play.