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Australian men basketball team six NBA star to join us

[Aug 05 2016 GMT]

As the world's highest level of basketball league, the NBA has become more and more internationalized, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games men's basketball team 12 teams of the project, basically has the figure of NBA players, in a sense, the quality and quantity of NBA players in the squad and largely determine the team in the Olympics.

All 12 people of the United States team squad is composed of the NBA's top players, they will definitely be Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games to win big popular, of course, such as Spain and Australia have many NBA player of the team, will certainly to have been threatened by the formation of the United States team. In China there is no active NBA player, finishing to be difficult.

Since NBA players were allowed to take part in the Olympic Games, the United States in the 2004 Athens lost only one gold medal, that is the champion of the Argentina. Compared with NBA 2k17 MT the world basketball championships in several miss, importance of the Olympic Games really don't generally the United States team.