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Atlanta Falcons Waive Paul Soliai

[Feb 22 2016 GMT]

According to the latest NFL news, defensive tackle Paul Soliai is waived by Atlanta Falcons after the two sides fail to rebuild a contract. Soliai becomes a a free agent now.

Soliai is 32 years old now, he joins the Falcons in 2014 with 32 miillion dollars fee, but he is not suitable for the current coach Dan Quinn's defense system. He has outstanding performances when playing in the 3-4 defensive formation, but his playing time is reduced when switching to Quinn's 4-3 defense formation.

Atlanta Falcons will save 5.4 million dollars salary cap space next season if Soliai is assigned to be waived player after June 1. But Falcons are occupied part of the space by 1.4 million dollars. A competent 3-4 defensive tackle is a scarce resource, but considering his performances decline in the past two seasons, other teams may think Paul Soliai is a fringe and rotation of defensive player.

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