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Assassin gourmet skills is introduced

[Mar 02 2016 GMT]

Assassin gourmet skills, promote 3000 blood back to the blue effect promotion life against the devil, like rapidly Assassin fight will open skills, general Assassin pro health level of the ordinary star opened nearly 14000 blood turns 14000 plus resistance and 1600 hits, the star was killed fighting capital, more resistant to beat, Assassin turns into a small transformers. But this BUFF and candy conflict, with effect of the candy is gone.

For now the effect is not very big, the weapons to hit the magic life ascension is higher, armor and fending off the Numbers increase is lower, has formed a contrast, coupled with the emergence of the composite double hit generally promote, in the case of without withdrawal resistance composite Assassin turns into six sense about 2500 around 3200 avoid resistance and, to say the effect is not very big, so now some Assassin specially to play a little bit of resistance and avoidance, main purpose is to promote six sense effect.

If you hit 3200 life 2500 plus, you ignore this BUFF., of course, now many people use smoke is minus 150 lives, there are also used to improve the effect. 5 seconds absolute defense, but also easy to broken, this ability is the most commonly used Assassin contributed to swing back straight to avoid skills, plus Assassin opened this BUFF is best not to close to play, it is easy to control, can change the bow shot, or use the magic skills, or with heavy break behind, that is the reduction of avoidance skills, ignoring the avoidance can damage avoidance.

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