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Assassin career with the longest attack skills

[Feb 29 2016 GMT]

Assassin career orientation, high frequency, high, low defense high mobile, control is given priority to with stun a sell-off, precipitating cyclotron stun conditions to avoid a counterattack against 10 seconds, signet explosion, at least 3 signet, 18 seconds at a time, short 1 minute, dark attack for 40 seconds. Kill one of the most common attack BUFF, CD short effect is good, for now can improve the 100 attack, but relatively short duration generally melee after use, if the enemy is far away there's no need to worry about basic didn't come to you, unless the instant dark attack or rashly melee.

Assassin one of the most common eruption skills, 30 seconds increase attack speed, easier to skills cohesion and the knife, if and Assassin fight not to open this state, in addition to the skills CD is not particularly water Assassin not ready to stick the body strong. Kill one of the most useful skills, the skills of equilibrium breakthrough to Assassin become very abnormal condition, in the case of small balanced value 1000 resistance after breakthrough 500 values, has a high probability to short or faintness, and used with magic skills don't consume status but can keep 300 magic life and 500 breakthrough results.

Meet disappear after physical effect increase 50% usually cooperate with high damage effect better, knife CARDS. The existence of the murder to Assassin to a strong impact to be killed, in the face of balance of metal, 800 from the previous card shops and strong smoke flow into cheat impact flow, Assassin and the metal against the way of diversification. As a Assassin, if you can very good use the skills, there will be a qualitative change, but if you see this is other professional skills had better get ready, because open the state is not ready to control you are ready to your blood.

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