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Assassin brand portfolio new skills play first

[Jan 19 2016 GMT]

6 maximize matched with continuous avoidance is mainly aimed at the Fighter, can avoid some skills on the probability. Resistance, the control of certain skills and equipment to avoid high magic resistance to higher and higher, the effect is well equipped, don't lack this version to Assassin skills, then can better survive better output, so 6 are very necessary. If equipment is too poor to abandon the appropriate skills.
Escape attitude this skill does is also useful in actual combat, 7 seconds 500 faintness resistance with calm is a small balance, and the ability to grasp the foot, if the shadow copy not Assassin caught it will die waiting 10 seconds can't move a beating, and escape attitude could lift the foot, it is not only to the Fighter, is very useful to other profession with bondage skills more. Can mobile can melee opponent's short Assassin can control and output.

Distance pattern signet attack distance of 20 meters, 7 seconds of CD in 2, as long as we use the beast 12 signet can surprise such as blood pressure, guarantee the output, because 20 meters range more than any time can go to a signet, can also be used for remote avoidance. This version is the collocation of faintness make engraving is not so important, can rely on the faintness diagonal control, so remote control effect is far better Yu Liansuo signet.

Shadow step to Assassin on behalf of the skill of course put a not stealth Assassin or stars, infinite stealth, waiting for a chance to output, this is the essence of Assassin.

Fog sand damage behind the attack skill, damage as surprise, this ability is not only high damage, more major is small, instant cast, and contributed to poison duration long solution not to drop, can guarantee the effect of faintness and dark break even killed. Don't want to need to promote to use shadow falls, skills dark attack resistance were still can guarantee the output.

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