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Assassin attack skill analysis of career

[Mar 01 2016 GMT]

Assassin one of the increases attack BUFF the highest, inferno and a surprise, this ability can improve attack numerical nearly 300 or so, don't look down upon this BUFF cut up isn't a normal pain, when paired with a fast, damage is very high, if Assassin opened, and fast basically seconds a person in an instant. So the enemy opened the ran to hide away, BUFF the only downside is that the CD is long, short.

Assassin small equilibrium, the effect is not very good, resistance value is about 300 or so, fight it is better to be opened, when something is better than nothing, probability to defend cast down and empty. Control as a physics magic career, hit the contract mainly used in Assassin shield to prevent vocational or high magic resistance to professional control, if you are a professional, Assassin can only rely on this to hit you kill, consume, basic Assassin is no dangerous, so the best place to see this state takes up, especially the shield. Don't get out of the way the accuracy of star melee. At the same time is also tapping explosion Assassin, the only capital against the magic resistance control limit.

Two magic defense effect cannot defense physical control, such as the sword down a sell-off, Assassin storm and cyclotron cut effect in white attack reduced by half, the CD is 10 minutes long, if Assassin opened this BUFF said avoidance skills of Assassin has used about the same, in avoiding signing and concentrated avoid slew at the Assassin does not generally open this BUFF.

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