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Assassin alternative the magic stone collocation

[Aug 17 2015 GMT]

Now the mainstream is attack suddenly and violently life, or pure attack suddenly and violently. Yes, that's right, choose this way is very accord with Assassin's train of thought, it is fast to solve fight, life is more effective to control, and increase the crafting a probability. 10 crafting, the higher the magic life, the greater the risk. Said the magic resistance to price first, the first a magic resistance to high and Mecha Gunner you don't be afraid, turning to add 6 of 12 seconds, you can fight with him, and most of the time they are very confident, feel Assassin casually. If you want to know more information about Cheap Aion Kinah , you can come here

Play for a while suddenly found a lot of skills such as resistance, such as his reaction to come over, ha ha, I'm sorry, I have five to avoid, you are finished the skills, I have no how to drop of blood. Second game against the magic, usually 2400 or so of life, also change to add 6, 2900 of the magic resistance. I will not believe you can't resist a big move away the magic word? Eat less a big move, how many PVP defense is better than you? 10 Mao Cai how much blood?

Say again against other professions, almost winner-take-all spell resistances, together with the door against, you a magic resistance to high, you get back, if he stays the same, and dark attack you are likely not dizzy, smoke bombs hit! Though the ranger damage is very high, but at least you can resist most of his trap. Magic resistance is weakened, but still works. Although not resist so much before, but integrated its cost-effective, is really very affordable. Very high cost performance, recommend beginning the Assassin, or have no money to play the magic stone Assassin. Set of weakness is the magic spell resistances and low life, can't control, but in the face of everyone need not magic resistance to the environment, so you have not hit the magic stone can control people. Assassin and there are many magic life skills, definitely will be enough, why not choose the magic resistance?