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Assassin The assassination expert skills

[Aug 31 2015 GMT]

Assassin using invisibility to hide themselves, quietly close and within a moment to give the enemy a huge damage, this is the typical Assassin fighting techniques. Can on undefended enemy assault, or will poison dagger quenching, or quietly sneak into the battlefield rear, disrupt the rear, assassination, in any corporation mission cannot lack of occupation. Assassin must know the number of a variety of attack skills, effect and method of use, can is a need to elaborate on enemy behind the manipulation of the career!

Magic increase type PVP Assassin is gradually being 1.9, with 2.0 new brand, and many Assassin players began to try to increase to kill, the main reason is the magic kill skills have considerable damage, some players have a single skill type of damage. , of course, not everyone can play such high damage, it also must be according to the player's value, so when choosing equipment peace attack explosion killed. Although the increase, the higher the spell damage, but not blindly to increase the magic, because magic resistance value in AION. This requires a certain magic life to prevent their magic resistance. To know more about Aion Kinah online, this place vipaionkinah can help you order.