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Arsenal Falls into Dark Again

[Aug 08 2016 GMT]

4 wins and 1 draw, for Arsenal, the result is quite satisfying for the pre-season warm-up. Even when facing te strongest opponents Manchester City, they still won with 3-2. It's a delightful process, but when the final whistle blew, Arsenal fans were not happy at all, defender Gabriel injured and fell to the ground.

Everyone could see that the Brazilian defender is suffering a heavy unjury this time. After the game, he can only walk with a crutch. This is one more disaster for Arsenal. The Premier League will start in a week, but Arsenal defenders have enough problems. Koscielny already determined to return the team late. Mertesacker was injured in the first warm-up game against RC Lens. Wenger has to admit that Gabrie's injury makes the current situation more terrible.

Now, the remianing defenders are Chambers and the new star Rob Holding. In the first game, when fighting against Liverpool, will they be strong enough? By the way, please buy FIFA Coins on the best site