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Arc Improvements for goldofu

[Mar 27 2017 GMT]

We've also brought you a bunch of improvements to Runescape Gold the Arc, fresh from the Game Jam we held over the last Double XP Weekend.

The High Armour of Hanto, Winds of Waiko, Thalassia's Revenge and Rage of Hyu-Ji can now be obtained with chimes and taijitu.

Any Alaea crablets that you start mining will be renamed ‘Relaxed Alaea Crablet' and a timer bar will appear.

Tortle traps now have even fewer restrictions on where they can be placed.

The Arc Journal now keeps track of rare resources on your claimed island.

There is now Quick Chat and a prestige count for the Aminishi Slayer creatures.

The Uncharted Islands system has been updated to Buy RS 3 Gold ensure that all things that should spawn do so, and no longer spawn on each other.