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Another New Trailer of NBA 2K18

[Sep 01 2017 GMT]

NBA 2K18 is coming soon. Another new trailer of NBA 2K18  was released. So do you want to know some details? Buy nba 2k 18 mt from our site with the cheapest price.

The trailer revealed some of the dicussions and analysis that Bryant and Garnett will provide when they're commentating on a game. But they are just Guest Commentators, there will be a different crew in the booth more frequently. Kobe and KG will appear on a rotating basis, if they'll commentate random games or games that fit a certain criteria is not clear yet.

NBA 2K18 also released a video. The video gives one of the best looks yet at NBA 2K18's new and improved gameplay, you will notice Kyrie Irving is in a Boston Celtic uniform.

2K also announced that the reveal of the long-awaited MyCareer will take place later this week. We will keep sharing the latest news with you.

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