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Andre Drummond Got the Second 25 Plus 20 Data

[Dec 08 2016 GMT]

In the game that Detroit Pistons 77-87 lost to the Hornets away, the Pistons player Andre Drummond scored 26 points and 20 rebounds, which is the second 25 + 20 in the league this season.

On November 29, in the game that the Kings 95-101 lost to the Wizards away, the Kings player DeMarcus Cousins played 40 minutes, 16 of 34shots got 36 points and 20 rebounds, which is the first 25 + 20 this season in the league.

In this game, Drummond played 34 minutes, 11 of 14 shots, got 26 points and 20 rebounds. More information is on where you can buy cheap 2K17 MT.