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Analysis of the AION PK PRIUS OL

[Jun 12 2016 GMT]

Much players focus on two south Korean popular MMORPG AION and PRIUS ONLINE is increasingly fierce competition between, recently launched a relevant search wars of the portal. Is related to search in the Internet portal search bar enter the keywords will automatically displays relevant content link after a way to query. So when the user input 'AION keyword search for AION content will be automatically displayed at the same time the recent search frequency too high the PRIUS ONLINE updates. This virtually become AION and PRIUS a means of mutual promotion between the ONLINE.

CJ network PRIUS ONLINE with NC SOFT AION almost at the same time fight wars, AION official website with the PRIUS increase in the number of articles ONLINE and AION are compared, and the PRIUS ONLINE website as well. Caused the search wars was recently hit the flag of NC SOFT, CJ network in various interviews claimed to transcend AION. NC SOFT is the CJ network challenge though not a positive response, but no retreat.

Most experts believe the AION and PRIUS ONLINE competition relationship to the overall development of the south Korean gaming has positive significance. CJ network sung hee lee group leader said, "the AION and PRIUS ONLINE is the support of the game, growing competition between each other although there are certain advantages, at the same time also can bring certain negative impact."
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