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Analysis from the aspects of PVP Assassin

[Mar 08 2016 GMT]

1. The single P the deep field stealth war, there is no doubt that Assassin in the face of the enemy is always able to take advantage of "stealth" skills first hand. High crit death star, when in combat with crit value, the disadvantage is that damage may not enough, crit damage compared to crit number, slightly less -- fighting capacity. High damage Assassin, have extremely strong damage output, with relatively good crit, can in an instant end of combat -- with a strong combat effectiveness. High withdrawal rate of Assassin, in the face of the enemy, to attack, but the damage, crit rate is not very desirable -- fighting capacity is weak.

2. Single P deep field being surprised, since it is being surprised, obviously first punch is the enemy. High crit Assassin, less blood magic resistance low became a fatal flaw, encountered a melee career also slightly loses stealth ability. High damage Assassin, with flight region, great harm and fixed avoidance and resistance, can be used as "the killing" the capital of observing ability. In the high withdrawal rate of Assassin, high withdrawal rate can make up for the disadvantages caused by the less blood is sneak attack ability.

3. The large group of P is large (more than 100 people), the graphics really gorgeous, requirements for computer configuration is higher, the hard to avoid in a big group of war and the machine will be a card or even black screen freezes.

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