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Almost Invincible Golden State Warriors in NBA 2K

[May 26 2017 GMT]

When the Warriors appear on the floor and manipulated by the player, experience has changed dramatically. The presence of the Warriors did have some impact on the gaming experience.

In order to restore the 3-pointers firepower, Visual Concepts gave him a half range range. But the reality of Curry is only occasionally, and in the game, the player can wantonly throw out the far three points, if you can grasp the shot, hit rate is not low to where to go. Coupled with the 2K17 acceleration more inertia, as long as Curry operator to grasp the recipe crossover, you can easily shake the defender' s ankle, and then use the speed of unreasonable shot on the scoreboard with 3 points.

And there are Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant around Curry. The inside advantage is not so obvious in the game, the direct result is when two levels close to the players against the use of the Warrior' s party will have an overwhelming victory.

Perhaps, NBA 2K should think about how to enhance the possibility of other teams beat the Warriors. If you want to learn more information about NBA 2K18 MT, so stay tuned to our website