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Allen Hurns May Miss the Next Game

[Nov 17 2015 GMT]

In the last game, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns continued his excellent performance. But the team announced Hurns had an injury, and he will visit relevant experts recently.

According to Nflcoins reported, Hurns's injury is not serious, but since this week they will play on Thursday, so he can't rule out the possibility of absence. Although  he has been affected by the abdomen injury, Hurns's performance is still satisfactory. As of this week, he had harvested touchdowns in seven consecutive games, setting a new record of Jaguars. This figure is a new high from the 2012 season Dez Bryant made in seven consecutive games.

It is still unable to determine whether Hurns will miss this week's game or not, if he is absent, the Jaguars offense will be severely affected. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL 16 coins.