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Allegri has decided to leave Juve this summer

[Feb 15 2017 GMT]

According to the Italy news, Allegri is likely to leave Juventus in the summer, and beat the Crotone postgame news conference in 2-0, the Juventus coach would not admit to Arsenal neither denied rumors.

The eighteenth round of Serie A game, Juventus beat 2-0 away Kroto Hei, plot 57 points to lead the Serie A, second of Rome's leading up to FIFA Coins 7 points. After the game press conference, Allegri told Arsenal next season to respond to the rumors, I will not admit or deny anything, only concerned about how the club to win. At this time of the season, the media will always report that I will leave, even if everything is going well."

Although Juventus manager Marotta denied the rumors of Allegri's departure, there is no reason for the departure of Juventus, because we respect each other, and there is a deep feeling of." Allegri and Juventus contract expire until the summer of 2018, but the Italy media that the two sides have reached an agreement in January this year, a friendly break up, embarrassed uncle will end at the end of the season Juventus career painting.

The same about Wenger leaving this summer A Senna news rampant, the Gunners have stepped up the pace of searching for a new manager, Allegri is a popular candidate, but his response statement also is considered to be in the A Senna signal, in addition to Tuchel and Jardim are candidate.

Since Lippi, the Juventus coach has not coached a coach for more than three seasons, and perhaps again, Mr Allegri has tested the spell. On his successor, Rome coach Spalletti and Florence Coach - Sosa - are popular candidates, the contract with Rome will be the end of the season after the end of the season, but there is no extension of the contract, but the contract is not a contract, but the contract is not a contract, but the contract is not a contract, but the coach and coach.