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All the Things You Need to Know about the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

[Jul 11 2017 GMT]

As we know FIFA is the most famous football game  all over the world , The FIFA 18 Ultimate Team(FUT) mode will go launches in September 2017, but you can play before the game release.

One Of The Factors Contributed To FUT Mode.
Back to the year 2008,  FIFA 2009 as an expansion pack, the Ultimate Team model plays an important role to lead FIFA  become more and more popular with gamers in the world. Thanks to FIFA Ultimate Team mode,  plenty of YouTube stars appeared in our game world, we watched their videos, studied skills and followed them.  Each day has become much more different. we were crazy and enjoyed ourselves that days.

What Is Ultimate Team Mode?

Basically, the FUT is an online compete mode. Gamers can build their teams with players from all over the world, from every tournament in FIFA,  then compete with others gamers to climb from D10 to D1.
The players are divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can obtain the cards in two ways: Buy on the transfer market with FIFA coins in the game or buy the available card packs with FIFA points or join the EA's activity .
You could use FIFA coins in the game or real money to purchase the card. In addition to these two ways, EA Sports also launches a plenty of card upgrades to the player due  to their manifestation of real life.
Besides playing in the Division you can join the FUT Champions. The system will evaluate players after 40 games. If you rank in the top 100  (usually, it 's very diffcult), you will win valuable rewards.

How Is Different About FIFA 18 Ultimate Team ?

In FIFA 18 Edition,  FUT on the PS4 and PC, will be able to have legendary cards, which were only available to Xbox gamers before.
Currently,  We know legendary cards contains: 

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima(Brazil)

Diego Maradona(Argentina) 

Lev Yashin(Soviet-Russian)

Thierry Henry(France) 


They will appear in card packs, they are extremely rare, but can be purchased in the transfer market. Of couse,the price for these myths will certainly be very high. In addition, EA Sports is also looking to turn the Ultimate Team into an Esports, beginning with the FUT Champions. The FUT Champions 2017 final was reported live on BT Sports . It has also attracted millions of views on YouTube.

What Does the Pre-order Receive from Ultimate Team?

Pre-order FIFA 18 gamers will benefit from the Ultimate Team. They can select from three different versions for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.
Standard Edition is priced at $59.99, bringing Ultimate Jumbo Premium Gold Packages / players within 5 weeks. In addition, they also have Cristiano Ronaldo card with a loan of 5 games, plus the special outfit of FUT.
The Ronaldo version, priced at $79.99, brings 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packages in 20 weeks. Players will also have a Ronaldo (Brazil) card with a loan of 5 games and costumes. The buyer will be playing FIFA 18 before the official launch of 3 days.
The Icon Edition, priced at $89.99, includes 40 Jumbo Premium Gold Packages for 20 weeks, 2 cards Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo (Brazil) on loan in 5 games with special costumes.
Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers can buy FIFA 18 Legacy Edition including 5 Jumbo Premium Gold Packages for 5 weeks for $49.99.

Can Use Web Applications Only?

FIFA has also developed an on-site application to help virtual coaches manage their Ultimate Teams without logining in the game. The player can do things like changing teams, extending contracts, buying and selling players except playing matches.
The Ultimate Team application of FIFA 18 is expected to be available on September 19th, 36 hours before the game's launch for EA Access or Origin. Meanwhile, FIFA 18 will be officially released for each version on Sep 29th 2017.