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Aldridge was Deliberately Padded Feet or Try to Defend

[May 18 2017 GMT]

The Spurs in the second war with 36 points great disadvantage lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference finals. Aldridge suspected Kevin Durant " pad feet " matter sparking.

In the halftime before the end of 2 minutes and 44 seconds, the Spurs have been 35-64 behind 29 points, this time Durant in the right wing 45 degrees holding singles Aldridge, dribble directly after the threepoint shot, Aldridge see trying to close to KD, but he did not take off, but with the obvious broken move near the KD, and indeed have deliberately pad of the suspect.

The most important thing is Durant is not hurt. In fact, the Spurs decided to not let Kawhi Leonard play before the game, lack of such an offensive and defensive end of thecore, the Spurs will be difficult.After all, they will meet the current offensive and defense are the top of the Warriors. Therefore, this is not surprising that the Warriors are bigger than the Spurs, the series match big score 2: 0.

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