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Aion4S The songs of the field New job Troubadour explanation

[Aug 13 2015 GMT]

Artists because of master remote magic attack skills and recovery, so early to upgrade is very stable. Due to the attack cooldown time is short, such as the sound of the breeze, so can quickly move against the monsters over a long distance. Especially at level 3 of the march, is an artist in the case of dangerous escape useful skills. After awakening as the guardian, the recovery of more diversified skills.

As an artist, Troubadour is good at using the notes for their own and team members are secondary gain, first is to add blood three even: gentle echo echo echo + thick + mild can bring very objective for themselves or teammates back to health, is the most critical skills CD cooling time is very short, almost a three even after all cooling is good, that is to say, as long as you can let the teammate blue enough in infinite h. state, it certainly makes its like angel flattering!

And in addition to the secondary gain, in terms of output, Troubadour also to be reckoned with, when he hands the harp played battle horn, music will be greeting from hell, the echo of harmony and the wind chill harmony collocation flame can be instantaneous output is very considerable damage, and soul harmony three even damage output, though relatively inferior, but can this combo is the most terrible is that smoke is blue, the spirit of professional is undoubtedly a great threat, he's the biggest nightmare for the enemy.

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