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Aion team a copy of the configuration element

[May 16 2016 GMT]

Element lab last boss is law, summon wind fire water four properties of small monster. Into the boss room, guardian star went up first, all the people stood on the boss at the foot of the output, because the boss has a group of attack skill, this ability is damage spread, so recommend cliques. Attention, this time the general element summoners two call together, wind and fire a group, and a set of water, recommend the output element of the wind, wind fire when all the magic way star accused of fire element sleep (or become) the magic word didn't controlled live bard star to star.

Ruled on god, put the star to protect the blocking, fast, fast is mainly used to nurse with blood, all drugs, eat buffer scroll. Skills to keep good five even also can easily in the past, and then output it, even after five basic boss is scored. Star, remember to protect the output of the bullish on the nurse's blood at the same time, the nurse drop of blood the first time with, someone dead star is also the first time to save up.

Professional configuration, ruled mainly five even when used, usually on the blood of the wet nurse to gay friends at any time, as for the magic star and bard is mainly in order to leave room to control, no wandering star server elves or ranger can also, kill star is mainly for output.

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