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Aion sorcerer vocational skills strategy

[Feb 24 2016 GMT]

Basic - spell rocket. Road rocket fast attack, cooling time is short, MP consumption, the early stage of the basic abilities.Using range: monomer.

Protective aura skills - lightning. Protective lightning aura: produce lightning package body, real deal damage to an attacker, cooling for 15 seconds, MP cost 50. Passive attack using range: monomer.

Lightning spells out a bunch of lightning enemy lightning damage, cooling for 10 seconds.100 MP consumption. PVP is very nice.Using range: monomer.

The flame impact issued a strong wave cause significant damage to enemy, and 30 SEC cooldown, 350 MP consumption. Using range: monomer. Fire explosion self-centered to release a ball of fire, if each other after damage from wind system skills, additional trauma using this skill will overlay effect, cooling time for 15 seconds, MP200. Using range: monomer.

Wind system skills - storm. Wind system damage to enemies within the range skills, hit effect target's movement speed slow, 40 SEC cooldown, 400 MP consumption. Using range: all.

Wind system skills - the wind blade. Use the wind property damage monomer enemies, have a chance to stun opponent.

Gain skills after use increase physical toughness, reduce the harm, the cooling time is 120 seconds, MP consumption by 150. Using range: all. People sit on the ground into meditation, meditation fast recovery MP and HP. No cooling, MP no consumption. Use scope: yourself. \ - reverse characters enter a state of rage, DP explosion when the crisis caused by reverse, lifting, petrochemical and other effects of sleep.

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