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Aion skill system analysis of the active skills

[Jan 27 2016 GMT]

In active skills in Aion game. And five types including general skills; A skill; Continuous technical skills. Special type continuous technical skills. Conditional continuous technical skills.

General skills: this ability has nothing to do with continuous technical skills, only can be used alone, also can't trigger combos.

A skill: this is the beginning of all combos, also is the first period of combos, after using this kind of ability can then use or trigger after the period of combos.

Combos skills: combos have block number and probability, if there is a chance show, would have to wait for a trigger to use, no chance, on behalf of as long as the section number can be used directly. Such as paragraph 3 combos must pick up after the second period of combos use, if it is triggered the third paragraph of combos, must first after combos use see if he is in the second paragraph is triggered, success can only be used when triggered the third paragraph.

Special type continuous technical skills: this is a kind of when the general skills can also be used when combos double with skill, but used in two different conditions for Aion Kinah , the consumption of MP and cooling time is different (at the combos use cooling will be faster).

Conditional combos skills: this type continuous skill is needed can only be used when special conditions, there are the following pattern: the shield defense: use after shield block (block). Defensive weapons: in weapons block (parry) after use. Air bound: after the enemy is bound up in the air. Used after down: the enemy to the ground. Dizzy: the enemy dizzy. Evade: evade after use.