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Aion severely plugins closure 1066 illegal characters

[Aug 19 2015 GMT]

To have an implicit, through walls, flying, acceleration (skills and mobile acceleration), and other functions of malignant plugin, we insist on the consistent crackdown, zero tolerance attitude, for the illegal character a closure and keep further punishment measures! For the recent spread of such external individuals seek illegal interests, we have to resort to the police, through legal means, cut off from the source plugins. Being punished for players to participate in related activities of rewards, the official reserve the right to cancel and recycling.

After SNDC no hang security scan of 1066 USES the role of the implementation of the closure. To still hold fluky psychology to use improper means and affect the behavior of the fair game environment, Aion SNDC no hang security determination will take concrete actions to prove it!

To have closure of users for seven days, please clear for the client, once found irregularities, continue to permanent closure. Please use the following way to clean up the client: uninstall the original client files, download the full client's official website for installation, please format used by the third party assistant program and install on the client side dish operator, to complete the client download website for installation.

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