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Aion scouter vocational skills

[Feb 23 2016 GMT]

Bow skills - triple arrow. Ranged attack skills, three arrows in a row, the equipped GongWuQi can release, 10 SEC cooldown, MP consumption.Scope of application: monomer.

Bow skills - shoot. Long-range attack, equipped with bows used. Target shooting feet, and the target's movement speed to reduce the additional effect. Scope of application: monomer.

Sword skills - flurry. Armed with a one-handed swords and daggers to use, a double weapon maniacal cut to the target end of the last straw, a 6 SEC cooldown MP no consumption. Scope of application: monomer.

Active skills - counterattack. When being attacked by the enemy defense successfully, equipped with a melee weapon, effective cooling time for 20 seconds. Scope of application: monomer.

Special skills - evasion. Ranger special skills, increase risk evasion, cooling time 25 seconds. Scope of application: monomer.

Rapid attack using this ability, sharp against the enemy, cooling time for 2 seconds. Scope of application: monomer (melee attacks). Additional attack after trauma rapid attack, target more damage, cooling time for 4 seconds., scope of application: monomer (melee attacks). Cut points potential use rapid > post-traumatic LianZhao skills additional damage, to a certain damage behind or beside the target enemy. Cooldown 10 seconds. Scope of application: monomer (melee attacks).

Explosion \ anger. Characters into anger, DP tremendous damage after explosion skill use, all the skills, and sleep, petrochemical and other harmful effects when using. Scope of application: all the (melee attacks). also offer all kinds Cheap Aion Kinah.