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Aion pastor vocational skills

[Feb 22 2016 GMT]

Divine arrow: pastor attack skills. The skills of a single remote release a small amount of sacred fragments attack, can cooperate to punish additional damage. The cooling time for 5 seconds, when MP consumption 50 wield swords can be used. Scope of application: monomer.

Slam: pastor strongly wield the sword skills. Pastor single fast attack skill cooldown 10 seconds, without MP consumption.Scope of application: monomer.

Taphrogenic beheaded: is the priest long-range attack skills, can harm the surrounded by their own monster, cooling time 25 seconds, MP60 consumption. Applicable scope: all.

Divine guardian: to protect their own skills. Physical defense capabilities rise, reduce the enemy's attack damage, cooling time for 5 seconds, MP consumption by 150. Scope of application: monomer.

Purification: remove target poisoning, petrochemical and other harmful status, the cooling time of 10 seconds, MP consumption by 150. Scope of application: monomer.

Regeneration: accelerate the HP reply skills, cooldown 10.150 MP consumption. Scope of application: monomer.

Cure: making them instant reply to HP, cooling time for 2 seconds.Consumption MP110. Scope of application: monomer.

Holy wave: long distance attack skill, take punishment effect, use with the first skill area attack, cooling time 25 seconds, MP 60 consumption. Applicable scope: all.

Around swords tactic: summons several light sword against the enemy. Take punishment effect, the cooling time for 20 seconds. MP200 consumption. Applicable scope: all.

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