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Aion new version of the map is introduced

[Apr 28 2016 GMT]

In a long time ago, monty's attempt to negotiate peace with dragon failure, leading to collapse. When Aion after affected by preci temperature cracks, followed by the glare, expelled all bring threats to tower, at the same time there was a huge barrier, delayed the collapse process of the tower. Aion and its surrounding areas, the clock still, enchantment begin to enter deep sleep. But, after a time, the scale of the enchantment shrinking, gradually approaching Aion, rhea saint area show appearance makes part of ancient Atlantis.

Aion will open two new areas - heaven: "tara, ma: north pearl.Players can through the new area to the Aion a copy of a layer of "knowledge library". Exclusive regional comprehensive guild wars

PVP: in aspen tara/north pearl DE region, Elyos and Asmodian can infiltrate between operations.

PVE: aspen tara/north pearl is by a low-level hunting grounds (monster level Lv66 - Lv68), four growth hunting grounds (monster level Lv69 - Lv74), four senior hunting grounds (monster level Lv72 - Lv77), two elite hunting grounds (monster level Lv75 - Lv80) constitute the new area.

Aspen and destroy tara/north pearl, regional distribution of specific monster, monster will appear different additional properties. A new dynamic environment changes.

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