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Aion map introduces primary Elyos

[Feb 15 2016 GMT]

Newbie village at the end of his journey, Buddha,Aion players will be a new starting point, this map was originally a day inhabitants become spring, is one of the few in one thousand after the defeat to intact original ecological region, the district wetlands and forests, the natural beauty of sunshine, green trees and green grass everywhere. But with foreign invasion, because very fascinated the minerals of the original stone, develop quite a number of mines in the region, the local natural scenery has caused considerable impact.

Buddha monster tron wetlands are mainly aquatic animals, the other players will first met in the raging "LeiBoEr revolution." walking, suddenly see NPCS bite? Yes, it is also one of AION environment setting, some NPC will have each other's behavior, just as the special scenery of this area!

Here is the du du sarkozy mine CARDS are the base, has mentioned before they go around looking for the original stone, therefore here into the desert of barren field.

Zhu Mi grace valley/pollution swamp this map is located in the west is long and narrow valley area, after the mine arrive here, already there are some distance away from the teleporter, so it is not easy to work in the acrobatics of supply, the two monsters difficulty also continues to improve, canyon area has many forest animals, moving rapidly in swamp area is far away from the attack of magical creatures.

Alta mia/pilgrim road station is located in the map in the eastern mountain trail rest stop, hunting for players midway to recharge.

Dole palmer is given priority to with agriculture and animal husbandry department of village of natural villages, and players can be in the rest of the depot.

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