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Aion map Elyos clan capital introduction

[Feb 18 2016 GMT]

Capital, formerly known as chun Elysium, for bliss Elysium, but in the heaven with Elysium if the translation is very strange, so control capital ma wan temple named after, in the translation for the "holy city". The holy day school each player in the early goal, is seeking to become the guardian of truth, and this is the highest spiritual center of holy days, each player after completing quests, can be in this into a true guardian, become the guardian angel of heaven, fight for heaven. Here is also Aion players learn skills.

Holy days square is located in the center of the square of NPC. Here you can find some items sold hall of fame here is the production center in the capital, all forging, tailor, refining and cooking utensils. The guardian temple here is the mentor of gathering place, is also home to the capital, top commander members, engage in the important place. Harvest hall is the seat of the warehouse and bid field here, and extend the backpack with warehouse.

Send stone because the city is very big, therefore in order to facilitate the player's move, in the town will have a few points will include a transfer stone, through they are fast moving around in the holy city. In the early game, players can also received some tasks in the holy city, for everybody to try to find special NPC, is also a good way to familiar with this city,

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