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Aion map Asmodian capital introduction

[Feb 19 2016 GMT]

Wan temple as the capital of the ma, and unlocks the centers of politics, the arts, military, the district with solemn giant stone buildings showed extremely magnificent style, adorns nature of flowers and trees and gardens to reconcile, even in dark ma, also won't because of his beautiful air environment discount half points, the above is the official offer complete map, and the red arrow part is shopping route!

Biff's corridors is all the magic of the entrance, step into the oncoming scenery here, actually knew here with the celestial capital has a completely different appearance. All the magic altar/pande money, the house of the ohm this is the place where players from the general populace to the guardian, the player upgrade to Lv. 10 and complete the task, it is to make you into place. Than the magic square/pande monie ohm square after grocery street will arrive at the square, in which is convenient to around the center of the town, is also a warehouse, the location of the bidding system, can imagine this will be the future stop all players and trading center.

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