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Aion game team system analysis

[May 03 2016 GMT]

Team/looking for team/pick up setting a team of system, is also a fusion of multiple game advantage. Teams of up to six people. Captain for devolution, can modify the teammate receive privileges and permissions on pick up. And the player can use key switch teammates target quickly, F1 for themselves, F2 ~ F6 in order for the other five teammates. There are three kinds of game team pick up treasure set:

Free pick up take: by picking up the players.

Order picking up take: no matter who pick up, can order to every member.

Pick up take captain: only the captain can pick up (push wang pick up treasure can use this way to treasure).

Also have to find teammates matchmaking system in the game, played Aion players will be very familiar with the mechanism, then list server can simply input some conditions within the player, then can get a team leveling. Buddy system can query log on to their friends, also can use the blacklist. Other teammates search system, can enter a name, rank, region, party number or group status as a search for the Aion Kinah basis.