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Aion game skill system is introduced

[Jan 26 2016 GMT]

Overall, AION in combat skills, there is a lot of parts is to emphasize the combination of combos and trigger, so active skills in the game there are subdivided in five kinds of patterns, some can directly use continuously, but some will be set to trigger probability, order, or conditions, accordingly to match well, may also need to familiar with the characteristics of various skills.

Combos trigger rules:

Trigger type continuous skill when the general is seal status cannot be used.

Each type trigger combos in narrative skills will be a chance that trigger.

Combos success when triggered, skill icon will reverse, at this time to click.

Combos trigger time limitation, successful trigger not click after three seconds, skills will seal cannot be used again.

Combos successfully trigger if you use the other skills, the combo will seal cannot be used again.

If you have more than one successful trigger combos, still can only choose one in the three seconds skills to use.

Types of combos subdivided into five categories: general skills. A skill; Continuous technical skills. Special type continuous technical skills. Conditional continuous technical skills.

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