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Aion game production skills

[Jan 29 2016 GMT]

Production is divided into six kinds, production ability will most need collection of raw materials to produce:

1) making cloth armour

Function: you can use the cloth and leather making cloth, leather armor

Recommend a career: scouter series, the wizard series, the series of sacrifice

2) metal armor

Function: making metal armor, helmets, shields

Recommend a career: warrior series, the series of sacrifice

3) weapons production

Function: can make the arms of a metal material

Recommend a career: warrior, scout

4) details

Function: the production of precious metal or wooden weapons, but also can make semi-finished products

Recommend a career: all professional group (especially the Ranger and Chanter)

5) alchemy

Functions: creating magical weapons and have all sorts of potions, also can enhance the capacity value of equipment items can be made up

Recommend a career: all professional group (especially the mage series)

6) arrange

Function: making all kinds of food or drink, still can purify polluted materials

Recommend a career: all occupational groups

In order to prepared material, manufacturing must have to go to the specific production machine to processing. Every processing technology needs of different production units, production units in general can be found around the big city technology NPC. AION need time and endurance. Because the production of one item need to go raw materials preparation, processing, finished product production and so on three steps. And processing of raw materials, semi-finished products production, the production of finished products is the probability of failure, in order to make an item must prepare sufficient materials. In the city can find all kinds of construction skills need production platform.  Welcome to Be a Member of to Get Cheap Aion Kinah .