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Aion field compound magic stone baggage package probability

[Sep 01 2015 GMT]

According to a circle of ten minutes six blame will explode composite bag, if the proportion is half also is 10 minutes 3 packages, 65 package takes about one hour and fifty minutes (if no one with you rob blame or slower), counted as 2 hours. I am Assassin of the legal system of other useless to lose, useful leave ratio is about 2 hours 1 damage + 5 / physical crit + 8, a set of FB outfit to make weapons a 12 people 6 d common hole, that is, a total of 30 (6 + 4 x6) hole.

If make a hole need three magic stone is a set of loading need 90 FB magic stone (personal feeling AssassinFB loaded with the magic stone lights) 90 magic stone need 90 x2 = 180 hours. Blame if brush 5 hours a day (no interference) a need 36 days is more than a month, plus the ancient hole 12 (2 x6) playing against 7 need 24 (spend money to buy the stone first hit, is not explosive).

Demons die another attack now 7 a 800 w, which means you spend 1.92 or 1.92 E E plus one month or more time to repair a sharp FB is filled with the magic stone. If do not take the time to go to play now trading against 5 crit 7 of the magic stone, it will be altogether 24.3 2700 w a E, a total of 26.22 E. According to the proportion of game currency now (100 = 7.5) is equal to about 350 pieces of 24.3 26.22 E is equal to about 325 pieces, that is, to spend 325 yuan to buy the stone to hit? To know more about Aion Kinah online, this place can help you order.