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Aion eight class features first

[Feb 16 2016 GMT]

Knignt: knight, a sword, a hand-held shield, dressed in heavy armor to fight, you can use part of the defense and healing skills, hand shield at the right time can also be a second group of weapons to attack the enemy, Knignt not only on the defensive, can also be used in combat ability to disable the powerful counterattack.

Fighter: warrior, traditional warrior series, dressed in heavy with diversified weapons, using a variety of attack skill game, belong to in the game against the role of the exporter.

Ranger: arch shape of the hand and are good at using bow weapon distance attack, auxiliary melee battle and can use daggers, or use a trap to disrupt enemy, play is so flexible transformation bow pays attention to the gameplay.

Assassin: assassins, stealth stealth and using coated poison weapon to surprise attack, instant damage output greatly, and has the variety and contain skills in a battle to disrupt the enemy and being killed their responsibility.

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