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Aion beginner mind Elyos first maner the infinite passion

[Aug 20 2015 GMT]

After six years of relatives and friends, this return in the new challenge to the fourth dragon emperor, all basic beginner, after 2 weeks of research, video, strategy, equipment properties, and so on, put out nearly a week, finally has been to put off the fourth dragon emperor, fortunately, the new city, Elyos first Asmodian earlier than Elyos for 3 days.

In the new area want to raise to sharp comrades is too difficult for the following to introduce team members:Fighter: air, Veteran Fighter before Proficient seven star in eight star, in addition to the elves how he doesn't. Prefer him to command, feeling quite safely. Assassin: Master  points of MAO, the new injury countless root 78 MAO, 7 8 MAO also broken innumerable root, consciousness of the early stage of the pit, despised him many times, the back slowly chastened, deserves our praise. Similarly Frades and Basson also, but maybe this team needs it wants. If you want to learn more related content and Buy Aion Gold from Please hurry up!